USA Rugby Structure Series: Red River Competitive Region

by Jason Graves

Red River Competitive RegionIt’s been more than a few weeks since I last reviewed the Frontier Competitive Region (CR) and I figured it has been long past time to move on to the Red River Competitive Region (CR).

Made up of three men’s divisions (DI-DIII) and 42 teams the Red River CR consists of four States; Texas, Oklahoma, and the eastern parts of Arkansas and Louisiana. As I review and cover club rugby I’ve come to discover the Red River Rugby Conference does just about everything right. Scores updated in a timely manner, a web site with regular updates, three of the five DI clubs have squads in each lower division, and an organized USA Rugby sanctioned Elite competition with the Midwest Conference known as the Gold Cup. Could it be because the Red River CR is the only competitive region made up entirely from a single Union, the Texas Rugby Union? Maybe but no matter the reason it clear it is the elite in the country.

DI consists of the Austin Huns, Austin Blacks, Dallas Rugby, Dallas Harlequin, and Houston Athletic. The level of rugby played in the Red River CR is reflected in the fact that the Austin Huns will be part of the future Major League Rugby professional competition as well as the leagues participation in the high-level Gold Cup as previously mentioned.

DII is made up of three leagues with all of the D2 squads from DI side in 1B and all carrying the DI side name; Austin Blacks D2, Dallas Rugby D2, Austin Huns D2, Houston Athletic D2, and the Dallas Harlequins D2. Beyond that is the North with the Little Rock Stormers, Tulsa Rugby, Dallas Athletic, Euless Texans, Fort Worth Rugby, and the Oklahoma City Crusaders. The South consists of Houston United, Katy Lions, San Antonio Rugby, The Woodlands Rugby, and Alamo City Rugby. Both Houston United and San Antonio have D3 squads as well.

DIII is broken up into three divisions as well with the Central made up by the San Marcos Greys, McAllen Knights, Austin Blacks D3, San Antonio Rugby D3, Fort Hood Phantoms, Corpus Christi Crabs, Austin Huns D3, and the Corpus Christi Dogfish. In the North you’ll find Shreveport Rugby, Dallas Rugby D3, Grand Prairie Mavericks, Alliance Rugby, Abilene Rugby, Dallas Diablos, and Denton Rugby. In the South you’ve got Lone Star Rugby, Houston United D3, Bay Area Rugby, Kingwood Crusaders, Galveston Rugby, and the Houston Arrows.


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