USA Rugby Structure Series: Frontier Competitive Region

by Jason Graves

In this post I contine my series providing an overview of the USA Rugby structure by taking a look at the Frontier Competitive Region (CR) which encompasses the Rocky Mountain and Mid-American Unions as well as part of the Iowa Local Area Union (LAU).  There are eight States in the Frontier CR, many of them US rugby hotbeds or emerging ones; Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and the western portion of Iowa. 

Starting with the Rocky Mountain; oddly enough the Rocky Mountain Union has three teams in the Elite category (Denver Barbarians, Glendale Raptors, and Rugby Utah) competing in various top level competitions yet it does not have a DI level competition. The Union is made up of three men’s division ranging from DII-DIV. DII consists of some familiar and not so familiar names; the Glendale Raptors D2, Provo Steelers, Boulder Rugby, Denver Barbarians D2, Park City Haggis, and Denver Harlequins. DIII is made up of the Colorado Springs Grizzlies, Glendale D3, Denver Highlanders, Queen City Rams, Northern Colorado Flamingos, and Denver Harlequins D3. The DIV is unique in that it’s only made up of Rocky Mountain Union clubs; the Littleton Eagles, Boulder Rugby D4, Colorado Springs Grizzlies D4, Laramie Lumberjacks, Queen City Rams D4, Denver Harlequins D4, Colorado Rush, Marauders Rugby, and Colorado Stags. 

As for the Mid-America Union the clubs making up DII are the St. Louis Bombers, Kansas City Rugby, Omaha Goats, Kansas City Islanders, and Kansas City Blues D2. While the Mid-America Union does not have any DIV clubs they do have two DIII divisions. First the Mid-America: Heart of America; Wichita Barbarians, Northland Rugby, Arkansas Gryphons, Springfield Rugby, and Topeka Rugby. The other division is the Mid-America: Missouri with the St. Louis Royals, St. Louis Hornets, St. Louis Bombers D3, St. Louis Ramblers, Sunday Morning Rugby, Columbia Outlaws, Belleville Rowdies, and Kohlfield Scorpions. 

The Frontier CR is pioneering rugby in the US, three of the Elite Clubs forming the new Major League Rugby (MLR) are from the Frontier as is the premiere rugby stadium in the country aptly named RugbyTown USA. 

Up next: Red River Competitive Region

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