Rugby Nation USA: ARC Week One Review

by Jason Graves

In week one of Americas Rugby Championship (ARC) the expected winners won but not without a fight. Argentina had to fight the elements as well as Canada, the Eagles fought themselves, and Brazil fought three decades of history. 

Canada v Argentina: Canada couldn't utilize home field advantage which they had in more ways than one as they hosted the Southern Hemisphere squad in the snow. It was an early slogfest but as expected Los Pumas' skill came through as the snow turned to rain.  

As Argentina slowly pulled away, the Canadians were never really in the match after halftime despite the low score. Segundo Tucultes' try, however, was the knife in the heart with less than 20 minutes remaining. 

Final: 6 – 20 Argentina 

Brazil v Chile: In vastly different conditions Chile struck first in an error plagued first half. Both sides started sloppy, unable to develop phases, and control the ball.  Both squads liked to show off their soccer skills by dropping ball to boot but execution was often lacking.  Scrums dominated much of the match eating away at the clock. 

Half way through the second half, the score 0-3 Condors, when everyone expected Brazil to kick for points they went for a try and got it as Matheus Cruz stuck it over the left side. 

When Felipe Sancery scored minutes later the match was all but over.  Chile tried to mount several attacks but had phases cut short by mistakes and penalties. 

Both sides showed flashes of skill, especially Brazil's kicking game. If Os Tupis can ever master their blend of flash and foot Brazil could become quite a formidable attacking side but there is much work to be done as Brazil beat Chile for the first time since 1981. 

Final: 17 – 3 Brazil

USA v Uruguay: Uruguay nearly pulled off the upset…again. This was a frustrating win for the Eagles who for every reason conceivable should have dominated this match but it was Uruguay who maintained a lead most of the contest. 

Uruguay held a 23 – 19 lead as time ticked down and the US continued to flounder. Then came a moment of sublime attack culminating with a brilliant Will Magie to Blain Scully kick-pass in the corner of the try zone. Was is Montana to Clark? No but it was glorious none the less. 

The match was highlighted by the emergence and powerful leg of young Ben Cima for the US as well as Uruguay's tenacious defense but the star of the match was the kick for try. It was a beauty. 

Final: 29 – 23 United States 

Next week

USA v Brazil

Argentina v Uruguay 

Canada v Chile


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